Peace in mind

Today, in an interview with Moose FM, Peace River South MLA Blair Lekstrom said he wouldn't rule out running to be a MP in the next federal election. But, during last week's conference call with reporters, Mr. Lekstrom also said he would be running for re-election in his riding. So how does Mr. Lekstrom, who recently resigned from cabinet and the Liberal caucus, square those two statements? Well, in an interview with Public Eye, "Like I said, I won't rule things out. I don't know what tomorrow is going to bring. But my plan right now - people are saying what are your plans - it is to continue as the MLA and run in 2013." Former 24 hours columnist Alex Tsakumis was the first to float a report that Mr. Lekstrom could replace Conservative Prince George-Peace River MP Jay Hill.


How would he square running for the federal party that bribed BC to bite on the HST? neither parties campaigned on it, but i suppose it would just be par for the course when it comes to the hypocritical characters on the rightwing of Canadian politics (oh sure, there are plenty on the leftside, too; but it's in government where the lies hurt most)...

Why rule out anything and let pesky little things like commitment, integrity and principles get in the way of saving your ass?

Fletcher of the Black News chain has a dandy on Lekstorm this week. Something to do with his motorcycle and poor head protector.

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