Whois behind visionbc.ca?

Whois behind visionbc.ca?

"Is Vision BC in the works?" That's was the question The Vancouver Sun's Miro Cernetig posed last month following a Vision Critical Inc. poll showing a new provincial party with a centre-left ideology would garner the backing of 34 percent of decided voters. Which could explain why someone registered the domain name visionbc.ca five months earlier! According to the domain's whois information, the registrar for visionbc.ca - BareMetal.com Inc. - is the same registrar for votevision.ca, the civic association's Web address. Asked about the issue, Ian Baillie, who was hired as Vision Vancouver's executive director in March, said, "I'm not aware of it. But I will check into it. The only thing I would add to that is we try to book as many combinations (of addresses) as possible." In an earlier interview with the Georgia Straight's Carlito Pablo, Mr. Baillie also said the association had "no provincial ambitions."


Has anyone checked in with the optometrists' association?

Baremetal register and host hundreds of domains for hunbreds of people, me included. Tom, the owner of barmetal is about as non-political as one can be.

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