Bottled up

Bottled up

Yesterday, Canada's Western premiers announced they would be taking steps to "conserve and manage" the country's "valuable fresh water supplies." So it's somewhat surprising to see those same premiers appear to have been drinking bottled water at the conference where they made that decision! This, according to the above photograph which was posted on the British Columbia government's Website. After all, as part of an effort to do the same thing, activists have urging government to reign in the bottled water industry. British Columbia Premier Gordon Campbell's office has yet to respond to a request for comment.


Maybe it isn't water.

No matter what it is that they are drinking, we not they are paying for it.

And notice the water cooler in the background of the picture...

Does anyone think before they organize these meetings?

Who is running this show anyway? It's a joke and they should be embarrassed.

It's f'n Vodka, man!

Don't let these governments get ahold of yet another resource "we all own". If they do, before you know it it'll be sold off also to the highest bidder.

First off LOL at nogoodnik! Good catch on the water bottle. I mean really, wtf were they thinking? head:desk

Speaking of desk, I'm surprised they didn't come back with some butt saving nonsense like the table was made out of recycled plastic.

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