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A union local has used language more common in Texas than in Canada to oppose the British Columbia Nurses Union's effort to poach licensed practical nurses from the labour groups they already belong to. The nurses union launched that raid last year, filing an application with the Labour Relations Board in December to represent LPNs. But the union soon learned it had underestimated the number of LPNs it needed to sign-up to receive the board's blessing. As a result, the union unsuccessfully attempted to withdraw that application in an apparent attempt to avoid the consequences of it being dismissed, a decision that would legally bar the nurses from organizing a second raid for another 22 months. And that exactly what International Union of Operating Engineers Local 862 lawyer Richard Edgar is encouraging the board to do - in the most colourful way possible.

In a letter sent on June 9 and obtained by Public Eye, Mr. Edgar advised the board to "put a bullet in the head of the dying dog that is the BCNU's application. Neither surgery, medicine nor magic will cure it as BCNU does not, as it admitted very early on in this matter, have the requisite support for any of its applications."

Earlier, the local identified itself as one of the unions targeted by the BCNU's raid.

International Union of Operating Engineers Local 862 correspondence to the Labour Relations Board

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The operative word is Raiding.

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