Generosity starts and ends at home

This past summer, provincial New Democrat MLAs ended a caucus-wide policy of donating the controversial pay raise they received in 2007 to charity - resulting in what now amounts to 33.8 percent increase to their base salary. But it doesn't look their constituency assistants will be nearly as fortunate. Those assistants are presently voting on a tentative collective agreement will see their salaries increase by two percent in the first year of the contract - retroactive to July 1, 2009 - and by doodley-squat in its second and third years. That means, if the agreement is ratified, the most senior among them will be paid $45,752.94 per year - $949.48 more than the $44,803.46 they make now. By comparison, the lowliest of their bosses presently makes $101,859 - $25,759 more than the $76,100 they made in fiscal 2006/07. Fancy that! The following is a complete copy of the assistants' proposed new salary grid.

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How about a comparison with what the Liberal MLAs pay their CAs?

What? Sorry? They don't have a union, and each CA is left to negotiate with their own MLA individually?

I have no problem with you making this point but you should really at least have the facts -- at least the ones you can get your hands on -- about the Liberal MLAs and what they pay their CAs represented as well.

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