Dean Skoreyko is "not a spokesperson for the party." That's what provincial Conservative strategist Randy White told Public Eye Radio on Sunday, distancing himself and his party from Mr. Skoreyko's comment that Blair Lekstrom's decision to resign as a cabinet minister and a Liberal caucus member was an "ass saving move" and his suggestion the Peace River South MLA was a "rat." A day later, though, The Tyee's Andrew Macleod quoted Mr. Skoreyko as saying he was still a spokesperson for the Conservatives. But, according to party president Wayne McGrath, that's no longer the case.

Speaking with Public Eye, Mr. McGrath said, "Dean, up until recently, what was we call the media liaison. So he actually put the articles out, press releases and that sort of thing. But he was never authorized to make those comments. So it's a fine point - was he a spokesperson or not. But the fact is those comments were totally his own, had nothing to do with the party's position and frankly I was shocked as were all the members of our board of directors. And Dean is no longer media liaison - or anything else to do with the party for that matter."

The president said the party's board took away that responsibility on Friday and removed Mr. Skoreyko as the Conservatives' membership and constituency association development chair. That decision was communicated to Mr. Skoreyko on Monday.

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Hmmm. Sounds like Skoreyko is the rat.

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