One reason to celebrate

The date for the provincial Liberals upcoming, two-day biennial convention has been set. Party members will gather in Penticton on November 19 - the 152nd anniversary of Sir James Douglas's swearing-in as the lieutenant governor of British Columbia. The convention could provide a reading of how much support Premier Gordon Campbell has among party members. As we earlier reported, constituency association members will be voting on a resolution endorsing the leader, with the results being made public at the event.


I guess the question of whether Gordon Campbell can survive a leader until the November 19th could be raised. A couple of more resignations from caucus and constituency association members at the convention might be discussing when the leadership meeting should be held.

Fight HST has reached their internal threshold of 15% in every riding with over 650,000 signatures! He won't survive that long.

I would be surprised if he is not still the leader in November.

I would also be surprised if he does not do well on the leadership endorsement vote. I think many in attendance will endorse him in order to put on a good public face with respect to his leadership and/or the solidarity within the party, even if their true feelings regarding his leadership might be otherwise.

Reid is probably correct. Campbell's agenda is unfinished. He will not go easily and he has never had any loyalty to the Liberal Party. It was simply a vehicle of convenience funded by corporate interests and serving their interests.

BC Liberal riding associations will be represented by Campbell-supporting delegates in November. After all, with the mass exodus of party members, who else is left to attend Penticton and vote on the question?

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