The public pays the piper

"No matter how good an idea you have as government, if you can't bring the public along with that idea the idea mustn't be that good. And we have made a strategic error here..." That's how Blair Lekstrom summed up his opinion of the harmonized sales tax in a conference call late this afternoon. Mr. Lekstrom resigned from cabinet and the provincial Liberal caucus earlier in the day after failing to convince his fellow executive council members to halt the introduction of that tax so the government could consult with British Columbians. Speaking with reporters, Mr. Lekstrom said his decision to step aside was based solely on that issue and had nothing to do with some of the controversial initiatives he stickhandled as the minister of energy, mines and petroleum resources - specifically the Clean Energy Act and Site C.

As for his political future, the Peace River South MLA said he intends to run in the next election. But Mr. Lekstrom said there is "no intent whatsoever in my thought process that I'm doing this to try to start something else" when asked if he resigned to establish a Wildrose-type political party. As for whether he might join another party, he said, "I'm not even thinking that right now. To be honest, I'm trying to get through and answer as many questions as I can. And what's on my mind, to be honest with you, is going home to see my family."

The preceding recording includes a selection of clips from Mr. Lekstrom's aforementioned conference call.


He had the option. Drop a bunch of dollars and go sit in the back corner, OR get recalled and lose the whole bundle. actually a non brainer, but he still could get recalled

Looks like Sean and the other reporters are trying to read too much into Lekstrom.

I'll be there may be two others that woould walk out on Gordon Campbell.

Two weeks to go on the HST and counting.

Up until just a few days ago Lekstrom was pounding his desk in the house, and grunting, and guffawing with disparagement at every reasonable comment and objection raised by the NDP, and cheering and clapping like the trained seals surrounding him, at every lie and distortion raised by the Minister of Finance, with respect to the HST. Perhaps he is not quite, but he is almost just exactly like the rest of his caucus colleagues, if you look at his voting record in the house.

Now he tells us he is stepping down because he "must be true to himself". Does he mean that particular "principal" is important to him today, but wasn't important to him just two or three days ago?

Here he's uttered "to be honest" twice in two sentences. The Liberals have proved themselves to be such a pack of liars that it is simply second nature to preface their statements with "quite frankly" or "to be honest" because they themselves assume that no one can actually believe anything they say - although so many, up 'til now, have been quite happy to just go along with the BS. And Lekstrom has been going along with Campbell's lies every day since the once he contradicted Campbell over the Health Workers' contract lie, eight or nine years ago.

The only reason Lekstrom is resigning now is because he understands the economics of a fifty percent pay cut today compared to a one hundred percent pay cut after the next election.

And what's up with Ida Chong refusing to answer a simple "yes" or "no" when Adam Sterling asked her straight out if she was considering following Blair's example?

Real reason.

Lekstrom's BC Hydro was selling Pirate Power's electricity Friday on the Columbia grid for - wait for this - less than a HALF CENT A KWH peak. Off peak he'd be paying the grid to take.

Remember he is buying the power at 12.6 cents a kwh.

I'd suggest that is the real reason he resigned.

He couldn't live with his role as a fraudster signing power contracts designed to benefit a few stockbrokers while destroying BCHydro, more than doubling our power rates, and adding $65B in contract obligations buying worthless power to provinces

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