Headache, fever and a chill

Public Eye has come down with the flu. As a result, postings will be somewhat sporadic over the next few days.


Well then, get well soon. At least you didn't fall ill during the legislative session :-).

Feel better soon!

Get well soon my friend. We need you.
Lemon Neocitron and Tequila - cure all.

Oh Boy, Mr. H....

You've gotta get yourself to the 'cabinet issues briefing document' that was released at the RailGate trial today, pronto, and/or whenever you feel better.


Because it's contains a bunch of talking points on the Walls affair, circa spring 2004.

It's available for download, in its entirety (careful, 8Mb pdf file), here.


Sean, get well NOW. Blair Lekstrom has quit Cabinet over the HST, and Blair never really spoke out for the HST the way Mary Polak (for instance) did.

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