A taxing addiction

The harmonized sales tax may be one of the worst things to have ever happened to the Liberals. But that doesn't mean the tax is one of the best things to have ever happened to the New Democrats. Because of the HST, the Liberals have seen their support drop 14 percentage points - from 46 percent during the 2009 election to 32 percent according to the latest Mustel Research Group Ltd poll. The New Democrats know this. So they've been clubbing the Liberals over the head with questions about the HST during the most recent legislative sessions.

But more and more that club has begun to look like a crutch. It appears to have become a way for the New Democrats to avoid the hard work of holding the Liberals to account on a range of issues by focusing on just one. But if Carole James wants to become premier in 2013, she's going to need to get off that crutch sooner rather than later and begin building an alternative political vision for British Columbia - something that will take more than a few chin-stroking meetings with business leaders to accomplish.


I totally agree.

Each time the opposition raises an issue they get no reply. would it please you better if they walked across the aisle and beat the crap out of a few of the smug Cabinet Ministers

Yes, the NDP does appear to be using the HST as a crutch. While spending almost all their legislature time on the HST they have ignored: the lies the government told about having public consultation before amending the Strata Property Act, the abandonment of owners of "leaky condos" yet to be remedied, lack of accountability of the MOTI in its subdivision approvals in rural areas, failure of government to ensure the RECBC is protecting strata owners from corrupt strata managers, failure of the government to ensure that the HRT is not infringing on the "freedom of expression" guaranteed under the Charter of Rights,failure of the government to correct ambiguities in the Election Act definition of "election advertising" that can make an interest group subject to arbitrary prosecution under the Act, etc.

With today's departure of Blair Lekstrom from the Campbell Cabinet and the caucus, it seem there is a crack appearing in the BC Liberal wall of arrogance and deceit.

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