Teeing off

Provincial Liberal supporters are being asked to fork out at least $450 over a four day period to attend two of the party's major fundraisers. Earlier, we reported the provincial Liberals' annual Dinner Under the Sails would take place on June 10. The ticket price: $350. Then, four days later, there's the Leader's Invitational Golf Tournament, where players must donate $100 and up. And that has caused some grumbling among party members. The following is a complete copy of the invite to the tournament.


As a non Liberal sup[porter would they take my money if I showed up? Heck the Lieberals will always take money

AVoter, game on!

Would the BCLibs take Yankee bucks?

Would the BCLibs permit Polak4Premier pamphlets?

Would the BCLibs allow a flyover of right-wing Polakites in a BAe Hawk towing a "PublicEyeOnline.com" banner?

Perhaps the BC Liberals would find it easier to raise money for a send off party for the Campbell-Hansen duo. For that one I might attend myself.

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