You never write, you never call

Darryl Walker has renewed his call for more regular meetings with the head of the civil service following the release of a survey showing morale problems in the bureaucracy. In an April interview on Voice of BC, Mr. Walker said he met with Allan Seckel "within the first couple weeks" of him being named the premier's deputy minister last October. But there hasn't been any communication since then, despite the union head requesting "an opportunity to meet more often" with now Mr. Seckel. "We've been trying for some now to talk to this government," Mr. Walker told Public Eye today, describing the government's work environment survey results as "pretty damning stuff."

And he's hoping those results will prompted Mr. Seckel to pick up the phone. "We're open at any given time to talking with any of the ministers, with any of the deputies. And Mr. Seckel has an important role in this."

"There's future cuts that we have had identified to us already," he continued. "Are we going to stop those cuts now? We're really outside the door, not being able to give input. Which means our members - who really understand the public sector more than anyone else I would suggest to you - do not have that opportunity either. So the door is open. We would meet with Mr. Seckel anytime."

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The Campbell government does not meet with those organizations representing people affected by its decisions, unless its a "big business" group.Daryl Walker will probably have to wait until 2013 to meet with the "next" government.

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