Laying down the law

Former speaker of the legislative assembly and provincial cabinet minister Claude Richmond has picked up a government appointment. On May 27, Mr. Richmond was named one of the Law Society of British Columbia's public/lay members along with former CKPG broadcaster Ben Meisner, who is presently the editor of the Website Speaking with Public Eye, Mr. Meisner said, "I didn't ask for any appointment - nor do I ever. They came to me. I was honoured. I tell you, I'm honoured. And I'll tell you why because it doesn't reflect on government, the decisions don't reflect on government, common sense prevails - that's the big thing - and I follow in the footsteps of Jack Webster" - who was also a law society bencher. "And to me, that makes me feel good. I think if I can fulfill that mandate, I'll feel very happy."

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