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Back in February, a public safety and solicitor general spokesperson insisted the ministry wasn't discussing bringing back photo radar. This, despite the fact it was polling British Columbians on whether speed cameras would be effective in reducing speed and crashes on the province's roads. The spokesperson explained that question was just part of an annual survey that has been conducted since 2006 "to gain drivers' input into the seriousness of risk factors, driving behaviours, and effectiveness of traffic enforcement interventions." But here's the thing: via a freedom of information request, Public Eye has obtained copies of the ministry's past surveys (dated Spring 2007, Fall 2007, 2008 and 2009). And none of them include any questions about photo radar - which was eliminated by the Liberals after they won the 2001 election.

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Someone is reading too deep into that survey.

Questionnaires can change over time, and the photo radar was just a sounding qeustion, one of many. Those types of questions can change over time.

Does not mean anything in regards to the BC Liberals bringing photo radar to BC.

With the mess they are in, they would be foolish to even explore or get consultation on the concept.

Someone is getting way too sensitive and should turn back the setting.

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