Nighty night

With the provincial New Democrats riding high in the polls, you'd think a fundraiser in Victoria - a party stronghold - would be an easy sell. But the opposition recently cancelled a $150 ticket event there that would have featured leader Carole James and the "BC NDP team." The event had been scheduled to take place on May 18 at the Parkside Victoria Resort and Spa. But party communications officer Michael Roy said those organizing the fundraiser - which was being called A Night in the Capital - "got a bit of a later start than they hoped. And what really came out of organizing the event was a lot of the interest was coming out of Vancouver. And it made more sense to move it to a Vancouver event in the fall. And that's the decision that was made" by the party's executive council. The rescheduled fundraiser is being called A Night in the City and will take place on September 24 at The Fairmont Hotel Vancouver. But despite having a similar name, those wanting to attend the event will have to pay a bit more to get past the front door. The ticket price has been set at $250. The following is a complete copy of the invite to A Night in the Capital.

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