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Last week, the legislature's select standing committee on children and youth met in Vancouver to hear six presentations on the province's child poverty crisis. But don't expect its member to do anything more about the problem. That meeting was held in response to children and youth representative Mary Ellen Turpel-Lafond urging the committee develop recommendations for a child poverty reduction plan. In an earlier interview with Public Eye, its chair Joan McIntyre told us she couldn't say whether the committee would take Ms. Turpel-Lafond's advice. But, on Friday, Ms. McIntyre told committee attendees "developing a strategy or even providing a written analysis (of the proceedings) does go beyond our terms of reference and crosses over into the realm of government-policy-making."


Wouldn't you know, their hands are tied. They can't do a thing to develop a poverty reduction strategy. Darn!


What does Ms McIntyre think we elect and pay MLAs pots of money for if not to develop government policy? (Little hint to Ms McIntyre: YOU ARE the government. And policy-making is YOUR JOB!)

How do you think other committees, such as the Select Standing Committee on Finance Government Services, find the gumption to deliver reports and policy recommendations to the public and to your government colleagues annually?

This committee was created in 2007 and according to its TOR, was "empowered to foster greater awareness and understanding among legislators and the public of the BC child welfare system."

If the Representative for Children & Youth and expert presenters are all telling them that BC's appalling child poverty situation is negatively impacting child welfare in BC, they have an OBLIGATION to take urgent action to "foster greater awareness and understanding" among fellow legislators and the public about the problem and what they think is necessary to solve it!

If they think the Rep and the presenters are making it all up, they have an obligation to do further research to prove that's the case.

But to be fully aware and fully informed and then to simply refuse to act is an appalling abuse of responsibility.

Where DO these people learn these tricks? Is there some manual given to anyone earning over 100K on how to avoid any responsibility whatsoever while employed by the people of BC?

This Joan McIntrye should hang her head in shame. After she quits and refunds her salary and perks.

There is no excuse for this.

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