Questioning orders

The BC Freedom of Information and Privacy Association has asked for investigation into an order requiring Crown corporations to notify the provincial government of records they're planning to release in response to freedom of information requests. Public Eye exclusively told you about the order - which has been added the letters of expectations outlining the relationship between the government and the Crowns - earlier today. In response to our coverage, the association's executive director Darrell Evans has asked acting freedom of information and privacy commissioner Paul Fraser's office to probe that new requirement. In his letter, Mr. Evans states the "requirement gives us a great deal of concern about the increased likelihood of delay and possibly direct political interference with FOI requests." Noting those are already "endemic problems," the freedom of information advocate writes it's vital Mr. Fraser's office "conduct an investigation into the rationale behind this disturbing new initiative to increase central control of information." The following is a complete copy of the aforementioned letter.

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