Waiting game

Yesterday, we reported the government has introduced legislation requiring the independent commissioner responsible for regulating British Columbia Ferry Services Inc. to determine whether the company has an unfair advantage over the private sector in any of the competitive services it provides. That legislation follows complaints about BC Ferries's drop trailer service by Seaspan Coastal Intermodal Inc. - part of the Washington Marine Group of Companies, which has been in the same business since the 1960s. Asked for comment about the proposed law, the group's communications coordinator Kelly Francis stated in an email, "Like all other stakeholders, we are waiting to see what the tangible outcomes might be from the present sitting of the legislature - we have no further comment at this time, but will be happy to speak to you once all is finalized."

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Under Liberal policy, the CEO of a public corporation should conduct business with one hand tied behind his back, one eye covered and one ear dedicated to government operatives. Now, if things don't go well, that proves that public enterprises must be less efficient.

That's what lawyer Kevin McCullough calls a failure strategy.

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