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The BC Progress Board won't be going ahead with its controversial plan to directly award a $25,000 contract to a former Fraser Institute staffer. The board had earlier stated Cynthia Ramsay - whose past reports have recommended privatizing public hospitals and opening the door to parallel private healthcare - was simply the best candidate to do that contract work within its budget. However, in a letter sent to the government, University of British Columbia health economist Bob Evans wrote the claim that Ms. Ramsay was "uniquely qualified" to review the funding of the province's healthcare system was "erroneous to the point of absurdity." As a result of the complaint, Small Business, Technology and Economic Development Minister Iain Black told reporters yesterday that contract will now be put through a competitive bid process.

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This is interesting.

When I tried to complain about a direct award in the recent past (approx 1 year ago) I was told in no uncertain terms that the only people that would be heard are those who feel they can do the work at a competitive rate as outlined in the notice of intent (direct award). They would simply not listen to anything any member of the public had to say, nor was there a vehicle to register any form of a complaint.


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