Sustainable action

Do you remember Sustainable BC? Well, the New Democrats sure didn't during the last election. Approved at the party's 2007 biennial convention, that document was supposed to provide an environmental vision for the New Democrats. But it was forgotten about - until North Coast MLA Claire Trevena and former environment minister Joan Sawicki spoke in favour of a party resolution calling for the development of recommendations on Sustainable BC's principles could be applied. That resolution was subsequently passed at the Democrats' 2009 biennial convention. So what's happening now ? Well, last week on Voice of BC, the party's environment critic Rob Fleming revealed former forests minister David Zirnhelt is "working with Sustainable BC to try and integrate what is essentially principles-based document. And what we're trying to do is translate into what that would mean in terms of legislative reform or policymaking or programs that would articulate the vision and values of Sustainable BC."

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