Cut and pasted

Provincial New Democrat environment critic Rob Fleming gave as good as he got last week in legislature. On Wednesday, Mr. Fleming asked Environment Minister Barry Penner about the government's apparent lack of support for marmot breeding efforts. In response, the minister said one his colleagues was wondering whether the Victoria-Swan Lake MLA had written that question himself or "cut and pasted it from a Website." That's a reference to a story we published last month, reporting substantial portions of Mr. Fleming's Earth Day speech appear to have been copied from the Earth Day Canada Website.

That prompted the environment critic to bring up Mr. Penner's recent efforts to personally remove a non-native yellow-bellied marmot from the grounds of a nearby luxury hotel. "I think it's very fortunate that the marmot in question was not between the minister and the camera when he went to the Empress on the weekend," Mr. Fleming quipped, suggesting the minister wouldn't have let anything stand in the way of getting his mug on television.

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