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So what has Vic Poleschuk been up to since he was dismissed as president and chief executive officer of British Columbia Lottery Corp. on June 1, 2007 and awarded a $603,362.70 severance package? Well, according to a Great Canadian Gaming Corp. news release distributed today, he's been working as a consultant to the casino company. And now he's been appointed the firm's senior operations vice-president - east. Fascinating, eh?


This the same government who let our mill be sold to bankruptcy engineers for a buck with the result that none of us workers got a dime. We wound up working the last two weeks for nothing, but still being forced to pay taxes on our non-income! AND we got ripped off some of our pensions, all our benefits, all of our banked holidays, holidays, and so forth. $19 million was taken from the workers. Anybody who voted for Campbell and his corrupt machine and for the federal Conservative and Liberals need to get a brain transplant. Mind you, the NDP inner core is a lot like Liberal Lite. And the Greens, like Toporah Berman (or whatever her name is) aren't really green, but are ye olde Conservatives. All our political parties need an overhaul at their core.

Almost three years have passed, and he's undoubtedly qualified. What's the problem? Was his severance excessive? Probably, but that doesn't mean he must never work again.

"All our political parties need an overhaul at their core."

Rubbish. Re arranged deck chairs on a .... are still going to attract
the same people. See the BC Conservatives... I mean Social
Credit.... I mean Liberals&trade

We need to try an electoral system that isn't 300 years old. You
know, antibiotics instead of leeches.

But the people said no. And their apathy/ignorance is reaping
what it's sown.

The raping and pillaging of the public purse and civil life will continue unabated, just like the rest of the Anglo-American world. Some people take action some antidepressants.

The tyrants smell blood. We blog.

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