Standing witnesses

On Friday, the legislature's select standing committee on children and youth will hold a meeting in Vancouver at the Morris J. Wosk Centre for Dialogue to discuss the issue of child poverty. As we earlier reported, the committee will hear from six to eight witnesses during that meeting. And now we can tell you who they'll be. According to an agenda posted on the legislative assembly's Website, those witnesses will including the provincial health officer's aboriginal health physician advisor Evan Adams, Canadian Centre for Policy Alternative British Columbia director Seth Klein and Provincial Health Services Authority population health surveillance executive director John Millar. The following is a complete copy of that agenda.

Child poverty in British Columbia:

1. Opening Remarks by Joan McIntyre, MLA, Chair;
2. Dr. Evan Adams;
3. First Call: BC Child and Youth Advocacy Coalition - Julie Norton, Steve Kerstetter, Dr. John Millar;
4. Dr. Paul Kershaw;
5. Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives - Seth Klein;
6. BC Healthy Living Alliance - Mary Collins, Barbara Kaminsky, Noelle Virtue;
7: Dr. Michael J. Prince;
8. Dr. Carol Matusicky.

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