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"This issue has never been about access to specific documents, as the information was always available to the representative." That's the statement the ministry of attorney general released last after the Supreme Court of British Columbia ruled the office of the premier and the ministry of children and family development broke the law by standing in the way of the children and youth representative's unrestricted access to cabinet documents. But what's interesting is that, in her decision, Justice Susan Griffin also stated she didn't agree with the government argument "that this case is not about document disclosure. To the contrary, this is exactly what this case is about." The following is a complete copy of the ministry's statement.

The judge has directed the Province to provide the documents the representative for children and youth requested for her report on safety screening on the CIHR program. We respect the court's decision and have immediately provided the documents to the representative's legal counsel. This issue has never been about access to specific documents, as the information was always available to the representative. We will continue to pursue our intention to ensure a protocol is in place that allows appropriate access to cabinet documents so that independent officers of the legislature can do their work.

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Yay Jusitice Susan Griffith! Most of our other judicial entities should be given their walking papers (no severance, esp. for Judge Tyso)so that we could get more progressive and democratically enlightened judges on the side of Canadian people, esp. the regular folk. David Vickers and the Island's Sanderson are good judges. Most of the others aren't worth a damn dime. Some of them have even been caught with prostitutes whom they had judged, or were going to judge. Too many judges have vested interests, ensuring conflicts of interests.

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