Gentner bags former premier as guest

British Columbia's talk show hosts may be a bit envious of New Democrat Delta North MLA Guy Gentner next week. Mr. Genter, who hosts the online radio show Live from the Ledge, has convinced former premier Glen Clark to appear on his broadcast. The interview with Mr. Clark will air in two parts: the first from 7:00 to 8:00 on Tuesday evening; the second from 10:00 to 11:00 on Wednesday morning.


With Glen Clark as the guest would that be "live from the ledge" or "dead from the ledge"?

fill in Glen Clark bashing comments here

Interesting topics to cover. The Fastcats, Fudgit Budget,
and how a capitalist hating former union business agent
and MLA morphed into accepting capitalism and participating
in it by working for Jimmy Pattison.

Seems the good little Liberals are spewing the same nonsensical BS on this comment string that they do on many others.

I sure don't miss Glen Clark.

But I read Premier Gordon Campbell's looking at the exit.

I'm obviously in full Polakite mode.

Dream on Josef, not a chance.

I'm sure not a day goes by but that Glen Clark doesn't thank his lucky starts to be out of politics.

Is there a training camp somewhere -- like out on the Sooke Road or Coombs or someplace -- where folks are sent to get brainwashed?

Like, normal people don't spout off this "I hate [whatever, whoever]" at the drop of a name, do they? Yuck. I think it's called bullying.

I'd like to see former premiers speaking to the people of B.C. now and then, and treated with the respect the office deserves. Maybe if we all did that, decent people would once again feel comfortable about public service.

Yeah, I agree with you. There is quite a bit of bullying on comment threads regarding BCLib MLAs, most of which at CanWest sites & Of course, there is a volunteer counterspin BCLib fighting force (some call it Mary's Militia, the BC Provincial Guard or Weekend BCLib Warrior) that occassionally appears from Joint Forces Base Polak in the Langley area :-).

That said, the bullying needs to cease. Debate is great, especially with hyperlinks to sources and more facts pouring forth to make great blogs like Public Eye Online even greater!

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