A popularity contest

According to the most recent Vision Critical Communications Inc. poll, British Columbia don't think much of Premier Gordon Campbell right now, with a majority of respondents branding him as arrogant, secretive, dishonest and uncaring. But what do provincial Liberals think of their leader? Well, as first reported by The Vancouver Sun's Vaughn Palmer last month, the premier will find out at the party's upcoming biennial convention. When constituency associations meet to select who will represent them at that convention, their members will also be voting on a resolution endorsing the leader. Those secret ballots are sealed and sent the party's headquarters. The results are then published at the convention - which will be held sometime in October or November. For those interested in seeing the black and white on that process, we've posted a copy of the relevant sections of the provincial Liberals' constitution below.


We can expect a solid endorsement of Gordon Campbell by the die-hards who are still left in the BC Liberal party. Many of his critics within the party have either dropped out or joined the BC Conservatives. We now have former Bc Liberal constituency presidents recruiting new members to the BC Conservatives.

Looking at the wanabees in Gordos group they have little choice except to go outside the fold for a new leader.

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