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Carole Taylor's appearance next week with Bill Clinton will only increase speculation the former finance minister is looking to succeed Premier Gordon Campbell as the leader of the provincial Liberals. Last month, The Vancouver of Board of Trade's Rix Centre for Corporate Citizenship and Engaged Leadership announced it's bringing the ex-American president to British Columbia on May 20 to deliver a deliver a keynote address entitled Embracing Our Common Humanity. That speech will be followed by a conversation with Ms. Taylor, who recently made headlines for criticizing the government's handling of the harmonized sales tax on CTV. At the time, The Vancouver Sun's Vaughn Palmer stated that criticism "highlighted the contrast between herself and most of the other leading contenders for the leadership of the B.C. Liberals" who have endorsed the tax, potentially improving her "already favourable standing with the public." So what better way to improve that standing even further by standing shoulder to shoulder with the man who was once the leader of the free world?


Too much baggage is it's the same bunch off the banana boat still in place. With the anger towards Liberals on the rise, I see oblivion as the next port of call.

Think Sean is reading too much into these things. It's typical of media types. She's obviously an event item, but
"advancing that standing even further by standing shoulder to shoulder with the man who was once leader of the free world"? A bit much. It's these silly notions that get gossip going. Let's actually see if she would go for the leadership first.

Actually, Anniemouse, Sean is correct. Why? Because, silly notion or not, provincially and nationally "standing shoulder to shoulder with Mr. Charisma" is what gets people elected in this country. That's why we get the governments we do. Integrity and substance gets a candidate nowhere, here or in the U.S.

Oh please, it's gossip that makes the world go round. This is British Columbia after all.

Carole Taylor who QUIT the team just last year as Premier?!?

Aaaah, no.

I hear somebody who is based out of Langley, occassionally rides motocycles, flies CF-18 Hornets, is the object of much hate by the lefty loonies of the world just as much as David Cameron right now is... actually is much more qualified.

Not to be too ageist, but Carole Taylor will be 65 in November. When the next election rolls around, she'll be in her 68th year.

People need to get over their fascination with her. It's really not particularly deserved....

I think 'somebody who is based out of Langley' should move to the US deep south, were her extreme social conservative message would be warmly received.

Carole is the Lib's only hope, and it's a slim hope at best (anyone remember Kim Campbell?)

no-goodnick, Mary Polak said this:

“Surrey became the first school district in the province to approve curriculum materials for primary grades dealing with same-sex families. That’s a fact.”

She's also said:

“I have a very libertarian view when it comes to how public education and the state ought to operate. In my view, the state always has to be very careful not to stray into areas of private morality. Whether or not it is the topic of same-sex families or schools talking about religion, it is that same kind of determination.”

Yup, nice try.

I think that the Carole Taylor rumors are much ado about nothing. The age factor is a big negative. Also, she's too smart to want to take over the reins of the Titanic, both the BC Liberal party and what will be left of BC, by the time Gordo calls it a day. I thought he would take a walk after the olympics. I guess his arrogance has taken over and the only way he will leave is kicking and screaming.

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