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Earlier, we reported the British Columbia's children and youth representative has taken legal action in a bid to force the provincial government to give her access to confidential cabinet documents related to its child in the home of a relative program. Mary Ellen Turpel-Lafond has said those documents are essential to completing her audit of that program, which is being wound down in favour of a new extended family program. We've already published a copy of Ms. Turpel-Lafond's petition, which was filed with the Supreme Court of British Columbia today. But those who are paying attention to this story may also want to peruse the affidavit accompanying that petition. The following is a complete copy.

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Min Polak's right Judge Trupel-Lafond as per page 18 of above, go back to the cabinet ops process and make a "satisfactory outcome" happen. Stop this posturing and positioning for Voice of BC on Thursday night, it's odious and obvious the timing. You're no Polak, Judge and you have no reason to be. Why would an independent advocate for kids want to lower herself to being a YouTube political star and political target/object?

That said, I'd prefer a negotiated settlement. This doesn't make the BCLibs look good.

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