Courtroom drama

British Columbia's children and youth representative is taking court action in a bid to get access to confidential cabinet documents. The legislation governing her office presently gives her the right to all government records regardless of "any claim of confidentiality or privilege" except one based on solicitor-client privilege. But the government has asserted that doesn't include cabinet confidences, rebuffing Mary Ellen Turpel-Lafond request for documents she has said are essential to completing an audit of the government's child in the home of a relative program. So, last Thursday, it introduced an amendment that will ensure their opinion prevails. In response, Ms. Turpel-Lafond has filed now filed a petition asking the Supreme Court of British Columbia to enforce her information rights - requesting a hearing on the matter by May 13. The following is a complete copy of that petition.


The Childrens' advocate is no shrinking violet, who would sit back, shrug her shoulders and say "Gordo knows best" She is fighting for the kids. Let me remind Gordo and Co. she is a judge on leave of absence from her court. Don't try to do an end run around her, as you are attempting. I and so many others await the BC Supreme Court on the issues at hand

I am thrilled to see Ms. Turpel Lafond standing up to the bully boys in Victoria.

Can we find a few dozen more like her - smart, fair, caring and fearless - willing to run for political office in the next provincial election?

At least she is not allowing this useless administration to use their bullyboy tactics to silence her.

The other watchdog agencies such as the BCUC may turn tail under intimidation from Campbell and Co. in order to keep their jobs, but I get the feeling that Ms. Turpel Lafond took on this undertaking to really make a difference. Also, her knowledge of the laws of the land would lead me to believe that she is on the right side of this issue.

This may be one time that I will not mind my tax dollars being spent on legal proceedings.

CIHR was a long standing MHSD income assistance program, far more succesful in keeping kids attached to families than MCFD has ever been.After many decades it is no more.

Staff up and down the ministry hierarchy, who knew the program, counselled against tinkering with it.They were ignored.

Program was transferred to MCFD.Screening proved unworkable so program scrapped just as rep completes her review.Program replaced with cheaper leaner meaner one. Grandmas and aunties left in the lurch.

Kudos to Mary Ellen TL for taking this position for children! WOuld that there were more who would do this.

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