Public contract is private business?

In the midst of government social service reductions, Mary Polak has repeatedly tried to refuse to answer questions about a unique perk enjoyed by the ministry of children and family development's top bureaucrat. At issue: Lesley du Toit's $2,000 month living allowance. In a 2007 interview with Public Eye, the premier's then press secretary Mike Morton explained Ms. du Toit, "still maintains her permanent home in South Africa. And it was negotiated as part of her contract that, while she was here, she would receive a living allowance rather than moving her over here on a permanent basis." But the Langley MLA seems to be more tight-lipped about that allowance.

Asked why that perk was still in place given those service reductions, the minister said on Voice of BC, "Well, I'm not going to comment on her employment contract."

This, despite the fact that contract - under the Public Sector Employers Act - is legally a public document.

"That's something that people negotiate in good faith, and that's really her business," the minister continued.

And she rolled out the same statement in estimates debate this week, under questioning from New Democrat critic Maurine Karagianis.

"With respect to the deputy minister, I'm not going to discuss specific items dealing with a personal employment contract," she stated.

This, before acknowledging that allowance was "well known to be approximately $2,000 a month."


Sean, BCLibFan whose 1-year anniversary is tomorrow, has got the Voice of BC clip up. This Aspiring Premier knows when to zip the lip apparently.

$24k per year that could be better spent on children at risk.

Sean why not get to the gist of this? There's no need for her on her annual salary to receive an extra $2000 a month
living allowance. When does this contact expire? That 24K a year could go to fund kids at risk programs.

That B.C. Libfan is geting to be a real irritant. Polack is
no aspiring Premier, and thank God for that.

It's time to start organizing recall campaigns....these "so called" liberals have to be expelled from parliment, if for nothing else.....for constantly lying...!!

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