Hansen's wrench won't break anti-HST machine

Elections British Columbia has advised the government its proposed budget mailer promoting the harmonized sales tax may violate the Recall and Initiative Act. This, because the government hasn't registered to be an opponent of former premier Bill Vander Zalm's initiative against that tax and the mailer could be considered initiative advertising. In response, Colin Hansen has said the government won't be sending that mailer out during the petition period. But, at the same time, he's lodged a complaint with Elections British Columbia alleging violations of the act by Mr. Vander Zalm's organization and New Democrat MLAs campaigning against the tax. In his letter to chief electoral officer Harry Neufeld, the finance minister makes reference to provisions that "prohibit proliferating false and misleading information; that require identification of financial agents and advertising sponsors; and that preclude individuals who are not registered as proponents or sponsors from advertising in support of a petition." But our reading of that legislation is the HST initiative won't be legally invalidated even those alleged violations are found to have been committed. The reason: the maximum penalty for the alleged offense lodged against Mr. Vander Zalm - proliferating false and misleading information - is a $10,000 fine or two years imprisonment. The other alleged offenses have a maximum penalty of a $5,000 fine or one year imprisonment.


So, it's Colin Hansen vs. the people. An easy choice for me. I'll go with "the people".

A funny thing happened to Colin on his way to propaganda today,


ie: his "HST-GOOD" mail-out
was rejected by elections BC.


You'd think using the Premier's 7-million $$$$
proaganda-team , would have produce something worth their efforts...!

----- thanks Winston-Smith ,,,
or the person working @ election's BC...!



The rumbling you hear in Victoria is not the big one, only the sound of shaking of the BC Liberal MLAs. They employed their usual arrogant attitude and dismissed the "NOHST" campaign as nothing more than a fad such as the Pet Rock. I guess they were as astute about that as they were about the promised maximum deficit of $495 million in last spring's budget.

Now, Hansen's ploy of the mailout has backfired. Too bad, so sad. Maybe Elections BC should have given him the go ahead to send it out. Chances are that by the time they reached us the initiative would have already reached its goals.

It is probably time for some of the BC Liberal MLAs to update their resumes because when "Recall in the Fall" hits the streets, they will need them. Now there is a legacy for Gordon Campbell cling to. He will be the first Premier of BC to have the honour of having one or more of his lemmings recalled.

If the Fiberals would release an accurate and extensive list of what is going to be taxed, well, we'd all be better informed. In fact didn't the anti-HST forces ask for such a list?

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