Full court press

Today, the provincial government's criminal justice branch announced special prosecutor Mark Jette had approved an impaired driving charge against Jane Thornthwaite. Understandably, the press gallery was interested in what the provincial Liberal backbencher had to say about that development. So here's what happened...


She figures she will get off lightly because her big boss blew even higher, spent the night in jail,cried a bit for the video cameras and is still Premier. Heck it might look good on her resume. Only in BC .

I can't believe she said " she is NOT embarrassed". What will it take to bring these individuals back to reality. I just guess that such action would embarrass any "normal" individual. WOW ! I don't understand these politicians anymore. Are they that superior to us ?

Absolutely shameful. Stupid is as stupid does.

Funny that a lawyer, doctor or teacher would likely face at least some sort of punitive measure from their professional associations, but MLAs face nothing.

Just another example of Liberal arrogance. Pathetic.

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