Floral arrangements

Thanks to three recent rounds of workforce adjustments, the provincial government has eliminated 730 full-time equivalent positions. But the province isn't just handing out pink slips to its employees. Public Eye has learned the government is also handing out bouquets and cake to offices that have been nominated for a premier's innovation and excellence award. A spokesperson stated the budget for those gifts is $3,000. The regional awards ceremonies will wrap up tomorrow, with the provincial awards ceremonies being held on May 26.


Ironic, ain't it?

it's $250 per nominee for a cake and some flowers - and you forgot the popcorn, us terrible wasteful public servants are also getting free popcorn in the $250 package.

While it is recognized that every penny spent is that of the taxpayer is it really that bad that projects and programs, many of which have saved taxpayers MILLIONS because of the hard work and innovation by staff get a ONCE A YEAR opportunity to celebrate the work they do with a $250 cake, flowers and popcorn package?

Is this the same 'award' they spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on in the past?

Also, I seriously doubt that anywhere near 730 (out of approx 30,000 employees) were given pink slips. The majority were probably positions that were cancelled after people retired or quit.

Out of the 730, how many were from the PAB? There is just no justification for one provincial government to have almost three times as many spindoctors than the president of the USA.

As for the notion that these others are saving the taxpayers millions of dollars, BULL CRAP! Tell it to all those poor souls that have to lineup each week at the various foodbanks just so they can survive.

Martin, I don't have the exact number but I know they really did tie the can to quite a lot of people. I was one of them, and I know several others.

Even after that, I have no beef with the awards. The people remaining in that stressful atmosphere really need to celebrate successes, and govt is being reasonably restrained in doing it.

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