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Earlier today, the provincial government announced it was introducing Canada's "most immediate and severe impaired driving penalties to save lives, curb repeat offenders and give police more enforcement tools." But, in doing so, it brought to mind Gordon Campbell's seven-year-old $913 fine for drunk driving and backbencher Jane Thornwaite's recent drunk driving charge. So how does the premier address that public relations issue? Well, here's how the he handled that question from The Globe and Mail's Justine Hunter, along with a follow-up from the Times Colonist's Les Leyne.


Job well done by the Premier. Nice to see he's getting his profile back up and a new idea. I'm sure after Smitty, Palmer and some other guy had a go at Gyratin' Gord at 2nd half of THIS, the PAB got a flare-up to the Premier's crackberry.

But it's kind of time for him to look at retirement. Many of us want him to go either out of annoyance or in my case, genuine concern for him that he go while he's still got game and frankly the team.

Does anyone actually believe anything Gordo says? He has mislead the people of BC on a regular basis, and the collection of sheep in his caucus go right along with him. One guesses they do his bidding because of the salary and upcoming pension. The real question is how they manage to sleep knowing they are ruining the province

Sean, find out who AVoter is and make sure he/she/it is sober tonight. I believe most of what Premier Campbell says - the problem is the expiration date of any politician's promises and a crumbling "optimist budget".

Josef the troll...You are so out of sync with the rest of the province. Do some research or keep your mouth shut.

Bill, me a troll? I'm a regular here. Gee, thanks BCNDP always clinging to your socialism and your smear gun (pun off).

I dito the comment about the troll "josef",
( read his propaganda on Vibrant-Victoria )

Expect this new driving-law to get challenged in the courts.

Personally I know a few cronic-alcholics... They have D-T shakes every morning... There is NO-WAY I'm getting into a car with them , until they have a few drinks and their shakes stop...!

Additionally , I hear if you eat a "Hauls-cough-drop" (after one drink), you run the risk of blowing over .08

with the lower limits , you can be impared after drinking a 2-tbspoons of Buckly's mixture or Benilin ...!

---- Lastly ------

My dad drank until he couldn't walk a stait-line ,
yet he'd drive his car ,,, and NEVER EVER was pulled over by the police...!

Did Cambell talk about jail-time for those who have more than 3-convictions for impared driving...??????????

Did he talk about taking away the car from repeat offeneder's ...?

ted... ( too bad josef doesn't any research , before spouting off & attacking poster's on this web-site )

ie: go back to Vibrant-Victoria , your fan-club is waiting to agree with you ...!!!!!!!!




Hey Josep. I've never been picked up for drunk driving,( or convicted of same) never ran for election except in a couple of unions and a few associations.( Won, every time) I don't make promises that are broken at my convenience, nor am I dumb enough to vote for Gordon and Co. I guess watching him from his start in Vancouver council, when he was called"The Kid" was enough to ensure I wouldn't believe any BS that he spreads. Not much sense reminding you of the many collective agreements he tried to over run that cost BC taxpayers a lot of money when he ended up in The supreme Cout of Canada, or challenged so often by the IOC, or for that matter back when he tried to destroy the Nisg'a' Treaty and have a slanted referendum against treaties. Your hero has clay feet and his caucus toe the line or he will remove them Too much power in one guys hands. I won't mention the dollars spent by your hero when she was on the Surrey School Board and tried to remove a couple of books about same sex marriages.

Too bad Josef won't be there to meet Avoter... oh, wait... he'd have to cross the border AND take a ferry, so no, he won't.

As for the Liberals latest PR stunt, maybe Gordo, Thornwaite and John Les can do some ads for their ICBC CEO pals about safe driving habits.

I'm not sure they know the definition of ironic.

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