Farm team fights back

Last week, we reported a key aquaculture industry spokesperson had asked provincial New Democrat legislator Lana Popham to reconsider throwing a welcome celebration for fish farm opponent Alexandra Morton, who is walking the length of Vancouver Island to draw attention to her cause. And now Ms. Popham is being targeted by the union representing workers employed in the processing of farmed Atlantic salmon. In an open letter to the editor, United Steelworkers Local 1-1937 president Darrel Wong encouraged the Saanich South MLA to "take into consideration the existing science and the potential devastating impact on workers and Coastal communities before endorsing one side of the aquaculture debate." Earlier, Ms. Popham told Public Eye her welcome celebration for Ms. Morton was a "community response" not a "partisan event," offering to host a similar party for a fish farming company. The following is a complete copy of the aforementioned letter.


Both can co-exist,and not have to shut down...use closed containment..Washington State does for Coho,and is selling them as cheap as the Norwegian Companies are..

As a retired member of the IWA,I resent the United Steel Workers becoming a "Fart Catcher" for Gordon Campbell and Co. Bill

Don't mess with the UNION!!! HAHA. Looks good on Lana Popham - serves her right!!

To Bill Lowery;

The amount produced from that Washington farm is apparently harvested in one day by a BC salmon farm. Some would call that a hobby farm. And it's being sold for the same - maybe just to make a PR splash into the market.

But overall, is it any more sustainable?? How does pumping energy costs into fish to move water make the product any more sustainable?


Remember when the egg marketing board claimed economic efficiency forced farmers to cage millions of chickens in tiny places, denied natural light and movement? Remember when new producers tried to sell eggs from free range chickens and had their animals and egg stocks seized and destroyed because they were disrupting the industry's profitable marketing plans?

Regardless, consumers made choices. Today, the trend is firmly established and even mega-markets offer free range eggs. More socially conscious retailers take it further, selling only "cage-free" free-run eggs that don't reinterpret the ordinary meaning of the term 'free'. Soon, eggs from battery hens will be limited to industrial use but smart food shoppers are looking for changes there too.

Despite targeted disinformation campaigns, consumers have ready access to the whole story about open net fish farming. BC Salmon producers can get out in front and lead the transition or bury their heads in the kelp and decompose naturally while citizens exercise their 'Best-Choice'.

More from Scientific American here:

Good on Darrel Wong (NOT!) Way to go Steelworkers for organizing acquaculture workers at the expense of fish workers! Trust Wong to involve himself in something like that.

Instead of writing letters criticizing Lana Popham's efforts to recognize Alexandra Morton's contribution towards saving BC wild fish, maybe he should be expending his energies lobbying to have fish farms move to safer closed containment facilities and quit infecting all our wild fish!!

I don't have a dog in this fight but I eagerly await Lana Popham's comments here. It'd be interesting, for sure.

@ Josef

Yes, you do. Every citizen of the province is affected when the natural environment is degraded for the profits of a few.

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