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Three months ago, British Columbia's largest fish farming firm announced it "plans to design and secure funding for a commercial scale closed containment project early in 2010." And now Marine Harvest Canada, which will carry out that project in association with the Coastal Alliance for Aquaculture Reform, is looking for someone to manage a "land-based (closed containment) pilot salmon farm." According the job description, Marine Harvest Canada "believes the time is right to pilot a closed contained aquaculture system" due to "recent advancements in freshwater aquaculture systems." The following is a complete copy of that description.

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Sean, they better check-in with the federal-gov first...!

in 1989 I worked for a Alberta-company that moved to the coast. They had a "closed-systom" that can sit on the land.

The Fed's said no to the plan, BECAUSE of waste management. Appearently, you can't put "dilitarious" substance's into any river,creek, or pond...!

ie: our only waste would be dead-fish, guts & scales,,,
that we'd dry and turn into fertilizer ...! ( for farm use )

We planned to use a "Hydroxilated-enzymines" ( micobes that eat sewager-sludge ) ie: it purifies water 99.9% "potable-water" ...!

---- simply ----- they would allow a net-pen system only

So ya , check with the Fed's... I don't think they've changed the Eviromental-rules ,,, and, the 1989 rules still apply.

ted... ( Ps, Hydroxal-systoms are on Canival-Cruse-Line-Ships )

Fed's...? ocean & fisheries , enviroment-canada

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