Campbell rubbing Liberals the wrong way?

Arrogant, dishonest and secretive - those aren't the qualities of someone you'd want as a friend let alone the leader of the province. Yet those are the qualities a majority of British Columbians associate with Gordon Campbell. This, according to the most recent survey by Vision Critical Inc. Of course, the premier has never been beloved by British Columbians - consistently running behind his party in the polls. But what should worry the Liberals is that British Columbians are associating those same qualities with their party.

For example, 64 percent think the Liberals are arrogant, 52 percent think the Liberals are dishonest and 48 percent think the Liberals are secretive. That suggests the Liberals' reputation is just as damaged as the premier's. Which could mean, even if the party elects a new leader and the economy turns around, British Columbians still might not be willing to give them a fourth opportunity to govern the province. After all, would you vote for a slate of candidate who you perceive to be arrogant, dishonest and secretive? I didn't think so...


Great editorial, Sean. I am worried the BCLib team is really whacking itself upon the head.

That said: FRIENDS, REMEMBER THIS DATE AND SHOWTIME of Voice of BC: 13 May 2010: Darrell Evans from BC Freedom of Information and Sean Holman of Public Eye On Line discuss the issues of privacy and Freedom of Information - SOURCE

Also this Thursday Sean Holman is on w/ some other Sean on Voice of BC. Make sure to watch!

Nothing new there. The BC Liberal Party is notoriously micromanaged and hires people who don't really have much what it takes when it comes to politics. Their respect and consideration for the volunteers is abysmal to say the least.

It's gotten so bad, the ridings have to pay in to keep a Regional Organizer who doesn't show up for riding meetings on a rotating basis.

Those numbers seem low. So low in fact that I looked up the survey data to see for myself.

This is a fun survey, with many bold results! Def worth a look!

"Arrogant, dishonest and secretive" and those are some of better qualities of Campbell and his henchmen like Coleman and Hansen..

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