The Force isn't with him...yet

First, he paid a surprise visit to the legislature, jokingly saying he was there to re-register the Progressive Democratic Alliance. Then, as first reported by The Tyee's Andrew Macleod, he mused on facebook about putting the alliance on the ballot in the next election. So does this mean Gordon Wilson, the party's former leader, is considering jumping back into provincial politics? Speaking on Public Eye Radio, Mr. Wilson said, "The key word there was I joked about it."

"Right now, we're in business - Judy and I are in business. We have a software company that's taking up all of our time. I know Judy is extremely active on the environmental front...So we're very active both in business as well as in a number of social issues. I haven't really given serious thought to doing it," he continued. "I'm asked every day. And more and more I'm asked if I would come back. It's easy for people to think there's a quick and simple solution through a third party. It's not that simple. And it would really would require, I think, a major movement within the province to say, 'Look, enough of this - enough of the Liberals, enough of what we're seeing in terms of the inability or ineffectiveness of an opposition and we need something new.' And, until that's clearly demonstrated, I don't think it would be easy for anybody - myself or anybody else - to actually come in and get any traction as the leader of a third party."

So it sounds like the stars aren't aligned right now. But if they were aligned, it's something you might consider, we pressed.

"Well, you never want to argue with the alignment of the stars," Mr. Wilson responded. "There's a greater force out there you know. And, if the Force is with you, what can you do?"


My wouldn't that be interesting if Wilson emerged in the corridors of power. Truly, a chance to test the proverb that revenge is a dish best served cold.

People, warm up the shredders!

Wilson has been a cooked goose ever since his former wife said she was still doing his laundry and Gordo was already sleeping with Judy.

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