Rumble in the legislative jungle

Provincial New Democrat aboriginal relations and reconciliation critic Bob Simpson tore a strip off Tourism, Culture and the Arts Minister Kevin Krueger yesterday, in an exchange just outside the legislative chambers. Both men had been in the house, listening to Maureen Karagianis debate legislation that will prepare British Columbia for the introduction of the harmonized sales tax, when the tourism minister began heckling the children and family development critic. That prompted Mr. Simpson to heckle back. After some hand signalling, the two took their back-and-forth outside the house and into the speaker's corridor. That's where Mr. Simpson laid into the minister for being a "nonsensical bully" among other names. The set-to eventually broke up, with the aboriginal relations and reconciliation critic heading to the washroom and Mr. Krueger returning to the legislature.


For once, I admire Mr. Simpson. The BCLibs w/ brains know that Maurine - that's her name, she's the critic to my fav MLA in the legislature - is best served allowed to talk as her own worst enemy.

Just as Kevin Krueger is. Kevin's behaviour is just inexcusable lately... and I'm saying it. If he wants respect, he ought to be a manly man, a friend to a friend, and stand up with calm and facts at 0805 Hours Sunday Morning at the C-FAX PublicEyeOnline studio. At least that's what I'd do if I were in his shoes - get to the facts. Serve the truth. Do my duty.

Otherwise, time to chuck Krueger. Hire Cadieux - it'll make a lot of people boogey and fist-pump.

Too bad Simpson didn't knock some sense into Kruger, but I figure teaching Kevin anything beyond his constant babbling about how great King Gordo is would be wistful thinking .Dumber than a bag of hammers

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