Marc moving off

Finance Minister Colin Hansen senior political aide will be leaving the legislative precincts at the end of next week. Marc Andrew is departing to start up a Vancouver-based government consulting firm - Future Pacific Co. He'll be replaced by Aboriginal Relations and Reconciliation Minister George Abbott's ministerial assistant Joanna Richards.


Good luck, Marc. I'm sure half of BC wants you to take your Harmonized Song Tunes with you :-).

Future stories will include headlines such as... Future Pacific Co. has just been awarded a huge contact to study
( fill in the blank ). However the opposition is questioning why Future Pacific was handed a contract without a competitive bidding process. And once again the government will tell us because it was qualified and meets the requirements of the proposed contract. For the average person, it simply means, thanks for everything and here's a little work for you.

Leaving full time employment enables one to earn far more from government through consulting contracts and agency appointments. Many have done it and business is great. Only schmucks stay and earn those poverty inducing salaries and expense accounts of government employees. Hope there is a generous transition allowance, benefit continuation and pension top up.

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