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Former auditor general George Morfitt has picked up some contract work as a result of being a member of the provincial government's B.C. horse racing industry management committee. That six-person committee was launched in January to help "restore the the industry's financial strength." And now Mr. Morfitt has been hired by the government's gaming policy and enforcement branch to "offer advice from a point of view independent of the horse racing industry." This, according to a government spokesperson. The notice of intent to award that contract - which is worth up to $25,000 - was rolled out last Wednesday. Mr. Morfitt will also be preside over administrative review hearings concerning issues such as the revocation of horse racing registration or a gaming license.

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I can't find this on BC Bid. Not surprising, their search engine is appalling.

I'm shocked that there aren't any qualified employees who are capable of presiding over administrative review hearings. This tells me that the current staff are so woefully inexperienced that they have to hire someone at consultant rates just to perform regular duties.

Unless of course they DO have the qualified staff and this is just another gimmie in the form of a direct award.

I'm going with the latter as I have yet to see a notice of intent to direct award that wasn't highly suspect.

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