Ex-constituency assistant suing Heed

Earlier this month, Kash Heed announced he was caught up in a RCMP investigation into Election Act offences allegedly involving his campaign office. And now the former solicitor general, who has said he did nothing wrong and is not the direct target of that investigation, is facing allegations he dismissed his constituency assistant Keith Frew without cause and without reasonable notice, Public Eye has learned.

According to a statement of claim filed in the Supreme Court of British Columbia today, Mr. Heed told Mr. Frew on February 5 his employment would be terminated effective February 26.

Mr. Heed then advised Mr. Frew, who previously worked in the same capacity for former MLAs Rob Nijjar and Wally Oppal, "it would not be necessary for him to attend at work during the three week period."

The statement alleges that dismissal took place without Mr. Heed having previously met with Mr. Frew to discuss his performance.

It further alleges Mr. Heed acted in "bad faith" by allegedly being "abrupt and rude" to Mr. Frew at the time of termination, as well as not providing him with any post-employment information or the potential of a reference letter.

This, despite Mr. Heed allegedly knowing Mr. Frew had "recently adopted a young child."

As a result, Mr. Frew is seeking damages "including but not limited to damages for bad faith in the manner of termination."

Mr. Heed, through a caucus spokesperson, declined comment because the lawsuit is a personnel matter.

For his own part, Mr. Frew told Public Eye "the written statement of claim speaks for itself."

Public Eye first reported on Mr. Frew dismissal on February 9.

The allegations in the statement of claim have not been tested in court. The following is a complete copy of that document.

Keith Frew v Kash Heed


It is unfortunate that a man such as Heed makes it as far as he has in politics. It is also most unfortunate that the Liberal party do not appear to support their long term employees who have relentlessly worked through the elections and demonstrated great loyalty to the party. Maybe someone should give Mr Heed a quick push out the door.

This speaks volumes about Heed!

I'd be very interested to know how this ends.

I'm not ready to Kashier Mr. Heed, MLA but I am certain that with Holman, Sean Holman on the case, justice will prevail and Smitty will wonder why he thought of Kash Heed as Premier material.

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