All business?

Last week, we asked Health Services Minister Kevin Falcon what message he was sending by appointing a former private hospital board member as chair of Vancouver Coastal Health Authority. "I don't think I'm sending any message at all," the minister replied, adding that Kip Woodward "served very successfully as the chair of Providence Health Care." Nevertheless, a statement Mr. Woodward made back in 2007, may give some indication of his opinion of the public healthcare system.

In an interview with Gary Mason for BC Business magazine, Mr. Woodward explained his decision to become a founding investor in Brian Day's Cambie Surgery Centre this way: "I met Brian and liked what he had to say. He was very articulate, with grade-A credentials, and he had a new idea. For decades I had seen the needless complexity and posturing and politics in the public health-care system. Brian had an idea that focused on the patient and delivering the best care possible using a great business model."

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I give him 3-5 months before he either quits or is forced out.

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