Turner tapped twice to arrange meetings for PavCo

Further details have emerged surrounding the meetings T. Richard Turner helped B.C. Pavilion Corp. arrange with Paragon Gaming Inc. executives. In a letter sent to provincial New Democrat critic Spencer Chandra Herbert, the Crown corporation said Mr. Turner - who chairs the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia and has a longstanding business relationship with Paragon Gaming - was tapped on two occasions to make such arrangements: once in January and again in February. That's at least seven months after the Las Vegas-based company was selected as the preferred bidder to develop the lands west of BC Place. As we earlier reported, the pavilion corporation contacted Mr. Turner to help bring Paragon Gaming's principals to the negotiating table. According to the letter, the ICBC chair didn't participate in those meetings and had no other contact with PavCo concerning that development project, which will see the construction of a mega casino near the stadium. The following is a complete copy of the aforementioned correspondence.


Sean, it's time for an editorial on this. In fact, if you watch a call into CKNW from last Monday, you'll notice that in the first forty seconds that you set the tone for the week. Smitty even called the BCNDP "wishy-washy" and it's now Saturday and still we don't know where the BCNDP stands on Stadiumgate or what they'd do.

I'm sure after I called into C-FAX last week about how the BCNDP rue this week that was, the BCNDP and even goo-goos* who happen to be BCLib Polakites^ like I would like an editorial slamming Stadiumgate. This scandal reeks... the problem is the BCNDP doesn't know what to do with a piece of raw red sirloin steak pulled out of the Premier's basement freezer. They don't even know how to work YouTube and get their QP online...

Also folks, I just got laid off. So stop giving Sean a hard time about me supporting him, okay? The BCLibs may campaign on "Keep BC Strong" but to keep BC truly strong we need the facts out in the public eye and online.

*Goo-goo is slang for good government guru.
^Polakites - plural for MCFD Min Mary Polak supporters/wingmen & wingwomen

A question for Mr. Holman....

Did this very fine one page letter, which Mr. Chandra-Herbert had been waiting for for some time*, first surface before or after the decision of the Lobbyist Registrar was announced yesterday, Friday?

Why do I ask?

Well, if one has been paying attention it is difficult not to notice that, as of this writing (Saturday morning), the only other proMedia reports involving Mr. T. Richard Turner and PavCo are stories describing Registrar's decision not to mount a probe into concerns of potential unregistered lobbying.

*i.e. a period of time that was almost as long as the period it took PavCo to pull Paragon from the pre-packaged pack and make it the preferred purveyor of the most pricey, and some might suggest preposterous, pleasure palace the people of this province have ever imagined**.

** or not, given that the people of the province essentially knew nothing of the pleasure palace until the project was presented to us as, essentially, pre-cooked full-meal deal a month or so ago***.

*** which, of course, is actually longer than it took PavCo to choose Paragon to be its preferred purveyor of the palace in the first place.


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