Heed's campaign coordinator breaks silence

The man who ran Kash Heed's election campaign broke his silence today in exclusive interviews with Public Eye and Global TV. Barinder Sall said he hasn't spoke to the media until now about the controversy surrounding that campaign on advice of his legal counsel - and he still isn't able to do so. But he did voice concerns about how the media has been treating his family while covering the story. That controversy boiled up last Friday when Mr. Heed stepped down as solicitor general amidst a Royal Canadian Mounted Police investigation into Election Act offenses allegedly involving his campaign office. Mr. Heed has said he has done nothing wrong and is not the direct target of the investigation.

Media outlets across the province have unsuccessfully attempted to contact Mr. Sall about those allegations - which are believe to concern an anti-NDP, Chinese-language flyer that was circulated during the election.

In part, that's because Mr. Sall's cell phone number is no longer in service and his Facebook page is no longer available.

Mr. Sall explained he lost that number when he switched cell phone carriers last month and he removed his page because he was no longer using it.

"The only information I had on that Facebook page was I had mojitos up there. That's all there was - pictures of mojitos from around the world," he said.

Mr. Sall - who last spoke to Mr. Heed "a few weeks ago" - told Public Eye he still isn't able to comment on anything to do with the allegations.

"I would like to comment on this. But I've retained counsel who have advised me not to make any statements about this because of the ongoing RCMP investigation," he explained, adding he lawyered-up earlier this month.

Mr. Sall said the media scrutiny has been hard on his family.

"It's been tough for my 90-year-old grandmother who has media outside her house - someone knocking on her door at 11:30 in the evening with a camera, blocking her garage and frightening her."

"My grandmother doesn't live in the same house as me," he continued. "She just has the same last name as me."

"I understand everyone is interested in speaking to me. I'm fair game. I understand that. But they should just do so through the proper channels like you did - contact me by email and I'll return the call."

Mr. Sall said he returned from Long Beach, California on Tuesday - having spent the past two weeks there to attend the wedding of a close family friend.

He's planning to return to California to attend another wedding over the weekend.

Mr. Sall said he won't be granting any further interviews with the media.

"This is going to be my only comment on this. Anything else in the future will be done by my counsel."


Good work Sean! Totally well done!

Obviously trying to not to be found. Weak excuse for his Facebook and email. He'll be back in the media.

I'm not quite sure " Heed's campaign coordinator breaks silence ". From what I saw on Global, he has NOTHING to say, thanks to some quick thinking on the part of the Liberals to ask for an investigation, thus silencing everyone. It's a trick they have used too often.

I don't know why people have such a hard time understanding this: there is a police investigation going on. This fellow is involved in that in some way, he cannot comment. The integrity of investigations must be respected.

I don't know what kind of bottom feeder journalists would be showing up at his Grandma's house at 11:30pm at night. If the media did that to one of my family members I would be a lot less restrained, because that is just plain wrong. I respect his decision to get the word out to leave his family alone.
It is yellow journalism to stalk people's relatives and make them feel unsafe at their own home and those who did that should be ashamed of themselves and should stop that B.S.

You can keep your phone number when you change cell phone providers; it's call "portability". Nonsense excuse about his cell phone number. He was an "Ambassador" for the Olympic Games; his name is still on the 2010 website; shouldn't have been hard to find.

QUOTE OF THE DAY: "The only information I had on that Facebook page was I had mojitos up there. That's all there was - pictures of mojitos from around the world," he said.

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