Woodward to "adhere to the various legal conflict of interest and disclosure requirements at VCH"

Yesterday, Heath Services Minister Kevin Falcon told us Vancouver Coastal Health Authority chair Kip Woodward has a "very small interest in a private clinic" via a family holding company. In an email, the authority's communications and public affairs vice-president Clay Adams confirmed that private clinic is Brian Day's Cambie Surgery Centre, which was opened back in 1996. Mr. Adams also stated Mr. Woodward, one of the centre's founding investors, will "sign and adhere to the various legal conflict of interest and disclosure requirements at VCH that he did as chair of Providence."

As a result, "should any situation arise that might involve discussion of the clinic, Kip would not only be required to openly disclose that and excuse himself from any further part, but he would also be excluded from any materials or documents relating to those areas."

"This is standard practice and there is no indication there has been an issue or conflict during his time with the Providence board so we expect no such issue to arise at VCH," the spokesperson continued.

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When public health care first came in the doctors when on strike. The doctors wife started protests, not as go as Valm's by still they were protests.

So why do reporter ask doctors and right wing politicians what's wrong with public health care when you know they are going to lie in the hope they can rob bigger profits in their private health clinics.

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