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The timing of PavCo's decisions surrounding a replacement roof for BC Place and the development of lands west of the stadium have become matters of considerable public interest. This, after Public Eye revealed Insurance Corporation of British Columbia's chair T. Richard Turner's longstanding business relationship with Paragon Gaming Inc., the Las Vegas-based company which recently inked a deal with PavCo to develop a mega casino on that property. During estimates debate, the province's tourism minister Kevin Krueger said, after the Crown corporation selected Paragon Gaming as its preferred bidder, Mr. Turner warned him the lack of a retractable roof for BC Place could be a "deal breaker" for the company. Mr. Turner has disputed Mr. Krueger's interpretation of that conversation. So here's a timeline of all those decisions, as prepared by the Crown corporation - including the date on which PCL Constructors Canada Inc. was awarded the roof construction contract.

* BC Pavilion Corporation (PavCo) issued by invitation, the RFP for 'General Contractor - Construction Management' of the BC Place Phase 2 Retractable Roof Construction project on November 3, 2008.

* The RFP closed November 17, 2008.

* PavCo signed a letter of intent to PCL on November 26, 2008.

* RFEI (Request For Expression of Interest) issued March 6, 2009 for Site 10A lands, based on renovations to BC Place, including a new retractable roof.

* RFEI closed March 27, 2009.

* Pre-qualified respondents to the Site 10a RFEI were short-listed and invited to respond to the RFP on April 20, 2009.

* On April 27, 2009 PCL completed pre-qualification reviews of the sub-trades for the retractable roof construction project.

* RFP for Site 10a development closed on May 22, 2009.

* June 29th, 2009, Paragon was notified of its selection as Preferred Proponent (subject to negotiation of an acceptable "Master Development Agreement").

* The final contract with PCL, for the construction of the retractable roof was signed November 18, 2009.


Thanks very much for this Mr. Holman.

Just to clarify, because it is an issue that Bruce Hutchinson wrote about in his NaPo piece that was published last weekend, were any companies 'invited' to respond to the initial 'Request for Expression of Interest', or was that wide open?

Secondly, do we have indication how many companies actually responded, in that scant three week window to the initial request given that you have previously reported that only two bidders made it through to the next, short-listed phase that opened on Apr 20, 2009?

Thanks very much.


One thing that I have not heard discussed about the retractable roof for BC Place is how much Pavco makes or loses in operating this facility? Will this new roof increase revenues to justify the exhorbitant cost? We know that Paragon will be paying $6 million per year for their lease, but that will not even cover the interest the government will be paying on the cost, never mind paying down the principle.

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