Health authority chair connected to private hospital

The new chair of the Vancouver Coastal Health Authority was formerly on the board of directors for a private surgical centre. The government announced Kip Woodward's appointment as chair at the same time as it rolled out details of a new healthcare program that will see hospitals receive "financial incentives for delivering acute-care services for a competitive price." Mr. Woodward was formerly chair of Providence Health Care - a position he's held for the past four years. But, before that, he was a board member for Cambie Surgeries Corp. That's the company behind Brian Day's controversial private hospital. Fancy that!


More evidence of the real agenda, which is privatization. Already they discarded elements of the Canada Health Act (remember THAT the next time tax authorities say they MUST assess a penalty for being a day late or a dollar short). They are so arrogant and rushed to make progress before being thrown out that they are dropping even the pretenses. The hidden agenda is hidden no more. Privatize remaining utilities and health services.

Maybe, the reach exceeds the grasp. Had they asked my political consultancy, the advice would have been, "Utilities or healthcare, not both. Here's a plan: Lease BC Hydro to private operators for 999 years and explain that the billions (two anyway) of revenues realized (over time, maybe) will help fund public healthcare, at least for now.

I can't resist adding this. Michael Smyth's first guest on CKNW to talk about the 'new' patient centered was the controversial Brian Day, principal advocate of medical privatization. Fancy that!

As I said, they are even dropping the pretenses. NW is an arm of the BC Liberal party and serve it well. I suppose Smyth has given up hope for his press job and has an eye firmly fixed on Bill Good's chair. That means that pretend objectivity is simply not on.

Oh please. Bill Good is a good man and moderated a great debate last year.

I'm not a Smitty fan though. I prefer Holman, Sean Holman thank you.

That said, I'm a HUGE Kevin Falcon fan. Kevvy may be the wild child, but he's a true maverick. Got what it takes to defend and expand libertarianism. The problem with him is he doesn't have an inner Polak who can admit to a libertarian, focus-on-the-individual streak with bold colours and a big smile.

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