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Politicians sometimes say the darndest things. For example, today, CTV's Jim Beatty asked Kash Heed whether it felt "odd" to be caught up in a police investigation after having been a police officer himself. The response: "It doesn't feel strange at all. As a matter of fact, I'm enjoying the new opportunity here - getting some great support from my colleagues, great support from my family, friends, constituents...I'm actually getting some really good support from some people in the media to. So it feels good." Mr. Heed stepped down as solicitor general after learning a special prosecutor had been appointed as part of a Royal Canadian Mounted Police investigation into Election Act offences allegedly involving the Vancouver-Fraserview MLA's campaign office. He has said he did nothing wrong and is not the direct target of the RCMP's investigation.

As first reported by The Tyee's Andrew Macleod, those offences are believed to be related to an anti-New Democrat brochure that was distributed during the recent election.

During today's scrum, the ex-top cop also said he hasn't spoken to his former campaign coordinator Barinder Sall in "weeks if not months." Reporters have been unsuccessful in their attempts to contact Mr. Sall, whose cell phone number is no longer in service.


I admire Kash Heed the man, but why the hell did he entertain this scrum? He looked a bit dumb and glib.

Oh and Smitty/Michael Smyth a few months ago wanted Premier Kash Heed? Okay, let me get off of my PMP before I go further!

Chances are that Kash Heed was put in the position of a dupe on this one. I doubt that he had very little time to get up to speed on the rules of engagement, so to speak. No doubt he relied on the BC Liberal party, the riding association and Mr. Sall to deal with keeping everything legal and above board. And it seems that they may have dropped the ball or willingly turned a blind eye in order to secure a victory.

As I see it, no one can say with any degree of certainty whether this flyer and subsequent phone campaign led to Heed's victory.

The problem is that if the results are allowed to stand then what shenanigans will future elections hold? The results in that riding should be shelved and a by-election should be held.

If the perpetraters are ultimately identified, they should be charged and if convicted, not only pay the piper but also pay the cost of the by-election. This would be a sure way of disuading anyone else from trying the same tactics.

The integrity of the election process deserves no less.

We agree on that. I'm all for accountability and fair play. Not that I'm turning BCNDP...

After digesting the possible impact of this brochure, I've come to the conclusion that the results of the last election should be declared null and void and a new election be held. We know that many people in this riding received this brochure as well as a good number of voters in neighbouring ridings. The problem is how many other voters were exposed to the contents of this brochure. People travel from riding to riding for work, business and pleasure. They also communicate with friends and relatives via telephone and the internet. There is no way of knowing how far and to how many voters the message of this brochure carried. And because of this, there is no way to measure how much of an impact this thing had on the outcome of the election.

Also, any legislation, agreements and contracts that either the BC Liberal party or any crown corporations entered into since the election should be cancelled. These entities may have been operating under false pretences.

Interesting that no one can find Barinder Sall. He was an "Ambassador" for the 2010 Games. He was quoted in the Province during the Olympics.

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