Legal barriers

Campbell administration cabinet ministers fell back on the threat of legal action today while fending off New Democrat questions about Insurance Corporation of British Columbia chair T. Richard Turner and political donations by independent power producers. Responding to Bruce Ralston, Tourism, Culture and the Arts Minister Kevin Krueger suggested the finance critic should "should take himself out in the hallway and make those accusations so that Mr. Turner can defend himself appropriately." That's a reference to the fact MLAs aren't liable for what they say inside the legislature but are liable for what they say outside its chambers.

Then, when John Horgan brought up the nearly $385,000 contributed by independent power producers to the Liberals, Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources Minister Blair Lekstrom said, "If you're alleging something inappropriate, I would encourage you to go outside."

Of course, this isn't the first time the Liberals have tried to put the kibosh on New Democrat questions by suggesting they're defamatory. Back in 2008, we found five examples of such threats being levelled against the opposition.


Sean, the BCNDP put online their complaint.

Also I checked the BCNDP "official" websites - no such mention of what they're lobbing today. Probably smart.

See, a long time ago, in a place where the Leader of the Opposition was gone... his deputy was lobbing attacks on the Tory Government and some of the ministers were bullying her in QP in a way that in BC would NEVER be tolerated. Apparently after being told that this deputy had put her allegations on the attacks stopped immediately.

As I see it, these ministers seem to be a bit confused. I doubt the opposition was calling the ethics of the donors into question, but more likely the payback they received courtesy of the BC Liberal party.

The sad part about all this shuck and jive routine is that it is the taxpayers that are left to pick up the tab.

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